For the last year, I've been slowly building up my camera rig. To put together this 'custom' rig, I find myself looking at different pieces from different companies. I strongly believe this is the best way to have a rig work for you and not something 'out of a box' that is awkward and clunky. I've had my eye on the Kinoball Grip for awhile, but I had a really hard time justifying spending a $100 for a wooden ball. 

I was out with my wife the other night at Hobby Lobby and I happened to walk past the 'wood shoppe' section. I couldn't believe what I saw: A wooden ball that looked identical to the Kinoball for just two dollars...

I quickly gathered the additional supplies needed to put this grip together, and when all was said and done, this entire project cost me 15 dollars and is sturdy as a rock. 


  1. Wooden Ball 
  2. Small Rig Rosette
  3. Four 1/2 inch Slotted Flat Head Wood Screw 
  4. Super Glue 
  5. Allen Wrench Screw
  • The first thing you'll need to do is drill a 1/2 inch hole so you'll be able to tighten the allen screw to the rosette.
  • Next, pre-drill the holes to screw in the rosette to the ball. 
  • Put a couple of drops of super glue into the pre-drilled holes.
  • Screw the rosette to the ball.

That's it! I hope you enjoy this quick and easy DIY project. This is something that will last a long time and work on just about any rig you come across. Thanks


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