We are living in a wonderful time where we can learn anything under the sun with the touch of a button. It's quite a bold statement if you think about it. 

Every day I am constantly consuming loads of content, from all over the Internet, on just about every different outlet you can think of. Some of this content is good, some is, for lack of a better word, pure shit, but every now and then, I'll come across a piece of content that seems like absolute gold to me. The "motherload" of content, if you will. Missing out on one of these golden nuggets can be a real loss, and even discovering it later can make you feel as though you're somehow 'behind'.  For that reason, I make sure to check these 10 blogs every day. From what I've found, they offer consistently good content, and I continue to learn from them. 

  1. Christian Schultz

    • Christian is a filmmaker for the Music Bed. If you haven't discovered any of the Music Bed's work, stop what you're doing and watch this. Christian allows his readers to take a real 'sneak peek' into the Music Bed world, including techniques they use, tips, and more. This blog is not always active, but when it is, it's gold. 
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  2. Newsshooter

    • If you're a gear nerd like me, this one is for you. I would say this is the best gear blog out there. These guys take their time when reviewing the latest and greatest in the gear world. They make sure they know the ins and outs before giving their opinion. 
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  3. ASC - The Film Book 

    • This is a great blog to settle into for some nice, long reading. They cover everything from lighting and blocking to film theory. A definite must for any serious filmmaker. 
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  4. Vashi Visuals 

    • This is by far my favorite video editing blog. Vashi is a skilled video editor that shares all of his editing tips and secrets on this blog. I have definitely changed the way I edit thanks to this man. 
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  5. Music Bed Blog

    • The Music Bed blog is another favorite for long reads. This blog gets into the mind of the filmmakers they talk to. They are able to give us a real peek into what it's like to be a successful filmmaker. 
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  6. Alex Buono

    • Alex is the DP for all of those hilarious skits you see on SNL each weekend. When you watch his work, you'll notice it varies on many different styles, and each time he absolutely kills it! There are some great posts available on how he took the script to screen in just a few days.
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  7. No Film School

    • This is an active blog with many new posts every day. Of course, with all of that content on a daily basis, you're not going to strike gold every single time. But, I still check this one every day because there's always at least one bit of great, useful information 
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  8. Ad of the day

    • My focus is in marketing, so I always want to see what's new in the advertising world. One of my favorites to check every day.
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  9. Philip Bloom

    • Philip is just "that guy". Everyone in the filmmaking world seems to know his stuff, and rightfully so. His blog consists of detailed reviews of some of the most popular cameras on the market. He puts these cameras through hell and gives some of the best reviews I've seen. This one is a must. 
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  10. DSLR Guide

    • Now, this kid is special. I wanted to save him for last because he has REALLY caught my attention in the last 6 months or so. I'm pretty sure he's still living with his parents and just got his drivers license, but if I was putting out incredible content and inspiring filmmakers like he is, I probably wouldn't care where I lived, either. He started out as a gear review blog, but over the last year he has moved to the "why" in filmmaking. Every video I watch leaves me thinking, inspired and ready to take on my next project!
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I sincerely hope you find some helpful information from these blogs. I have to give a lot of credit to what I've accomplished in my career thanks to their information and inspiration.

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