Hey everyone!

Wow, this has been a busy week, but I still was able to squeeze time into finding some great content for us to enjoy. Tomorrow I will be working on a Commercial for Hawkins Water Tech, so be on the lookout for that soon! Looking forward to a more relaxing week and enjoying a nice date with my beautiful wife




Medium is one of the best platforms for long-form content. I stumbled across this gem from Ed Moore. Ed list 110 things he's learned during his 10 years as a DP (Director of Photography). There are some great tips and tricks in this! 


NPR put out this great story from Detroit Michigan about a Barber Shop that encourages kids to read during their hair cut. My favorite line from this story is when the Father tells his son to challenge himself. I believe we should always be challenging ourselves in our lives and push ourselves to greatness. 

Hey, Bud, pick out a book that’s gonna challenge you, nothing too easy. All right?


Blind Pilot does a great performance on Tiny Desk. Check out their new album too! 

4. APP

This might be my favorite announcement this week! Creative live, an online resource for creatives to enhance their skills or learn something new. This service is quite expensive so I never paid much attention to it. BUT, this week they released their new app where you are able to watch one FREE lesson a day. This is wonderful because most of us learn best when it's in small bites. I'm excited to dive into their catalog and learn some new skills.

Here are some classes I'm excited about:


American Football is back with a new album! Their last album was released in 1999. Still Great! 


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