A few months ago our team was approached with a project where we would interview Cancer Researchers and ask them the question, "why do you fight cancer". After some discussion, we decided that a boxing would be an interesting approach to this project. We obviously wanted to play on the word "Fight". 

Here are some photos from our first location scout. Thanks Tony

After the location scout, we decided this would be our best shot for the interview. 

Okay, so one the main effects I wanted to pull off was some color contrast. I wanted the background with the boxing bags and gloves to have a nice warm glow while our subject would have a nice natural skin color. Here some reference examples I was going for. 

To achieve this look you'll need to use two different color temperature with your lights.

Background = Tungsten Hot Lights

Subject = Daylight LED (ICE Lights)

Camera = Color Temperature set to 4300K (To achieve a more extreme look I would set my camera to 5600K


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