We start with a "woman of the night" sitting in her car about to walk into a hotel room. We hear a motorcycle drive in front of her car, but we only see the reflection of the lights. She takes a deep breath and steps out of her car with high heels and a short dress. The camera slowly follows her walking to a room with a door open and light on. There is a man in a hoodie that walks by.

As we continue our shot into the hotel room we see a middle aged biker dude with a large duffle bag filled with money. 

From behind we see the woman start to take off her top and the camera slowly moves to the TV where we see the vague reflection of the two in a sexual interaction. 

We hold on this for a few seconds, when the TV turns on to a local news station. The camera then turns around to see that the couple is finished  with their act and the man and woman both walk out of the room to grab some ice from the ice machine. 


This is when we have a low perspective of the man grabbing ice and the woman take out a somewhat large knife out of her purse and stabs the man in the back. We move closer to see the blood coming out and then slowly dolly out to see the man in the black hoodie from the beginning walk by the woman (still stabbing) give her a nod and walk into the room where the bag of money is. 


Now the camera slowly moves away from the doorway and we see the woman walk into the room with the man. A few seconds goes by and we see the woman walk out with the bag leaving the door open. 

She walks past the camera and now the camera slowly moves into the room to see the same man in the black hoodie stabbed in the back laying on the bed.